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A Guide to Freshening Up Your Home Exterior for this Stay-at-Home Summer

Over the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our homes into our offices, schools and restaurants, and looking forward to the coming months, our list of summer activities is now limited. Our houses must also become a summer entertainment space as well, and what better way to welcome the season of a social-distancing summer than finally getting outside to spruce up the appearance of your home? Now more than ever having a fresh and clean home exterior will give you a sense of rejuvenation when you spend all those hours enjoying the sunshine on your porch or in your yard. On top of this, increasing and maintaining the curb-appeal of your home is also a great way to preserve its investment. Below you will find a checklist of ways to freshen up your home in preparation for this stay-at-home summer.

  • Clean out your gutters

  • Power wash your driveway, sidewalks and concrete porches

  • Patch any holes and cracks in your driveway

  • Inspect your porch for loose boards or nails and repair as needed – Your deck or porch should be resealed if, when you pour water on it, it absorbs the water; if the water beads up on the surface, it is adequately sealed

  • Clean / inspect siding and roofing of your home and repair as needed

  • Prune all shrubs, bushes and trees that are growing close to your home, especially around any AC units – Adding a layer of mulch in your garden can also prevent weeds from growing

  • Clean your chimney

  • Wash your windows and window screens

  • Check for leaks in outdoor faucets and hoses

  • Clean and repair your grill

  • Touch up any chipping paint on the side of your house, fence or doors

  • Wash down any stored outdoor furnitureCheck your lawn irrigation system to make sure it’s functioning properly

Take advantage of the long summer days to keep your home’s exterior in prime condition!