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Why this time of year is a good time for home renovations 

Be it beautiful fall foliage to tasty pumpkin-flavored treats, fall is chock full of sweet surprises, with lots of exciting things to do and accomplish. But here's a task that you may not necessarily associate with autumn: home renovation. No matter what room of the house is due for a do-over, now is the time to take those measures - and measurements. 

In reality, there really is no one single bad time to begin or complete a home renovation. Even during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, more than half of respondents in a Houzz poll were able to finish their projects despite the uncertainty and tumult that the shutdown created. This was particularly true of homeowners living in the South, as nearly two-thirds successfully continued on with the renovation amid the crisis.  

When it comes down to it, though, the fall months just may be the best of them all for remodeling, pairing a seasonal change with those of your home's. Here are a few reasons why, especially in 2020: 

The weather is delightful 

Ask anyone who enjoys autumn, one of their top reasons for the admiration will be the weather. Not too hot and not too cold, fall is the Goldilocks of seasons - it's just right. Not having to worry about the hazards and mess of heavy wet snow, nor the discomfort and productivity losses from hot humid temperatures, make fall a great several weeks of outdoor conditions that are ideal for projects large and small.  

Building materials usually cost less 

As most people know, spring as well as a good portion of the summer, are the busy seasons not only for home buying, but home building.  

Take June as an example. According to the National Association of Home Builders and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, a rate of nearly 1.2 million houses began construction on a seasonally adjusted annual basis this past June, a more than 17% increase compared to the previous month. The surge in demand led to an uptick in prices for lumber.  

However, since building activity usually trails off as the months draw to a close, so too do the costs of building materials. These savings get passed on to you from whichever contractor is performing the renovation. 

Projects are frequently completed faster 

Many factors play into when a renovation is 100%, as there are always issues that can come up that no one was anticipating, such as COVID-19. Generally speaking, though, since construction crews' workload tends to level off as the temperatures get cooler, they have more time available to prioritize whatever rooms you're rehabbing. Additionally, since the holiday season is just around the corner, rebuilders have an added incentive to finish everything before December and January arrive, which is when the snow starts falling in many areas - or at least is more likely to in comparison to October and early November.   

Cooldown period from summer commotion 

Summer may undoubtedly be the season for vacations, but that doesn't mean it's a time when you're less busy. Whether it's travel or having kids at home from college, June through August can be activity- and people-filled. 

Much like the temperatures, things tend to cool off in fall, as students return to their classrooms, dorms and apartments. Work schedules resume. In short, life gets back to normal. Take advantage of this quieter period by scheduling your renovation just as the days get noticeably shorter and leaves change color.  

The season for hosting 

Speaking of holidays, this is typically the period when family, friends, co-workers and extended relatives come to visit to celebrate the annual festivities. What better way to welcome friends and family memebers than with a new-and-improved kitchen, living room, dining room or guest bathroom when things go back to normal? 

You may want to consider installing an island as a gathering place. According to a survey done earlier this year by Houzz, roughly 66% of respondents who had their kitchens redone had an island either put in or upgraded.  

Again, since it's so close to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's, builders will aim to complete the job by a certain date so they too can enjoy the time with their loved ones.   

Deep discounts are common at home improvement stores 

Retailers know that a great way to increase customer traffic is by offering doorbuster sales events and discounts. And that's just what many of them do during the off-season, which is fall. If you haven't seen them already, take a look at the websites, circulars and signage of your nearest home improvement stores. You're almost guaranteed to see price cuts on a variety of products. You can take advantage of them or relay the info to your builder and designer.  

Close out 2020 with a bang, only the kind you hear from swinging hammers and clapboards. Residential Mortgage Services has renovation loans that are customized to fit your needs. Contact us today.