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Why Choose an RMS Loan Officer?

One cornerstone of our RMS company culture is what we refer to as “the 4 H’s”. We expect our employees to be hard-working, honest, humble and have a healthy sense of humor. These traits support our ongoing efforts to work together, as a team, to get the job done as efficiently as possible and to do it well.

But what exactly sets our Loan Officers apart from others?

Guiding and Educating Our Customers

RMS LO’s coach and support our borrowers through every step and stage of the mortgage loan application and approval processes. Here is a breakdown:

Choosing the Right Loan - Our loan officers’ knowledge, experience and local market familiarity enables them to help our borrowers make the best possible choices about the home financing options and products that meet their unique needs. Are you looking to refinance your current home? Or maybe you are a first-time homebuyer? If you have a lot of questions and don’t know where to start, begin the process by reading up on all the major loan programs. It doesn’t matter if you need more or less hand holding, our LO’s are here to inform and educate you on the important pieces of your mortgage puzzle.

Our LO’s have access to a variety of tools to explore financing options and share numbers that will help shape your idea of what kind of mortgage best meets your needs, how much you should borrow and if it is the right time for you. They share this knowledge with you and help you understand it along the way.

Loan Application – You fill out your mortgage application and submit the documentation we need to get started. Things like recent pay stubs, bank statements, photo ID, tax returns, W-2s, etc. In other words, personal and confidential information. Our loan officers know how to leverage available technology to fill in the gaps when face-to-face contact is not an option. Using our RMS Ready Mobile App you can submit an application from your mobile device, upload your sensitive documents securely through the app and stay well-informed through the process.

The mortgage process can go smoothly and quickly, and technology is playing a great role these days in speeding up what has been a lengthy process historically, but there are still important steps involved after you submit your application. Your loan officer and his or her team understand all these factors and it’s their role to help make sure your application is as complete as possible when you submit it.

Approval Process - From Conventional to VA to Jumbo Loans, our LO’s will stick by your side to keep things running smoothly. They work diligently to make sure you stay updated on the progress of your loan through each step of the way. Not only will you be notified once each important milestone has been passed but your loan officer will make sure you understand the details and educate you on what it all means so you can always stay in the loop.

Dedicated Team and Support - It’s also important to note that while delivering this exceptional home financing experience starts with our LO’s, it doesn’t end there. At RMS we work hard to establish and maintain a strong spirit of collaboration and partnership between our Sales and Operations Teams. This helps ensure our borrowers are well served. And it is one of primary reasons why RMS earns industry leading Customer Satisfaction ratings, and why most of our new customers and loans are the direct result of referrals from those how have already had a positive home financing experience with RMS.

Always Putting the Customer First

Pandemic driven social distancing protocols have significantly reduced the frequency of face-to-face meetings between RMS employees and our borrowers. While we do miss that direct face to face interaction, the good news is that we provide borrowers access to a full spectrum of technology-based tools that, along with continued access to and support from our LO’s via phone and e-mail, provide a convenient, efficient, and secure home financing experience.

Serving the needs of thousands of borrowers each year and earning exceptional customer satisfaction ratings all start on the front lines with our experienced RMS Loan Officers. In 2020 RMS helped over 30,000 customers finance their homes (for a total of $8.5 billion in closed loan volume). Even with 90%+ of our employees working from home, we grew our loan volume 70% year over year. And, most importantly, we maintained industry leading Customer Satisfaction Ratings for Customer Satisfaction (94%), Likelihood to Recommend (95%) and Likelihood to Use Again (95%).

Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. is dedicated to consistently providing our customers a high-quality home financing experience that is both simple and easy to understand. Using the right balance of communication, technology, and teamwork our RMS loan officers will provide a home mortgage experience you can feel confident about. So rest assured, next time you or someone you know need help financing a home, your experienced RMS Loan Officer is ready to help guide you home!