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USDA-RD Mortgage


The USDA-RD loan program is a location-specific program that accepts 0% down payment. This program allows approved mortgage lenders the ability to offer affordable home loan options guaranteed by the USDA-RD (United States Department of Agriculture - Rural Development).  Individuals looking at buying a house or refinancing a property within a USDA-RD designated rural area may qualify for these fixed rate mortgages even with limited out of pocket funds for a down payment.

The old real estate adage “location, location, location” is the key factor for a USDA-Rural Development loan. Not sure if the property or area you’re interested in is eligible for USDA-RD financing?  While this home financing option is limited to "rural" areas, you might be surprised by some of the suburbs of major metropolitan areas that are eligible.  Your loan officer can help you find the answer!

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